Leopard【萊伯】✦ Graphic Long Sleeve Onesie

$680.00 $850.00

The Onesie is made of 100% organic cotton, excellent for a baby's sensitive skin. The cotton is super soft to the touch and constructed with a lap-neck design to ensure smooth, hassle-free outfit and diaper changes. The brand and care labels are sewn on the outside of the product to avoid rubbing a baby's skin.

Ps.Organic cotton is grown without harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The manufacturing process does not involve chemical refining and bleaching. It is the residual phenomenon of cotton leaves and cotton shells if some brown spots are on the product's surface. The brown spots will reduce along with the number of washing times.

  GOTS Certified 100% organic cotton.

 Non-toxic and harmful chemicals printing.

 Lead-free, nickel-free, non-toxic snaps.

 CNS 15290 textile safety regulations.

 Eco-friendly 100% recyclable packaging.