Eco-Friendly Printing

Some consumers may be curious why there are so many organic cotton clothes in so many colors?

Most textiles experience a bleaching process before being dyed. It makes it easier for the fibers to absorb inks. And it will somehow damage the organic cotton fibers.

However, this bleaching process involves chemical phosphors – oxidative and reductive and is employed depending on the substrate to be bleached and the nature of inherent coloring impurities.

The color of organic cotton fabrics is not as bright as pure white. But you don't need to worry about the chemical residues that may cause allergic reactions such as itching and redness.

We want to remind our dear consumers that it's safer to select light-colored clothes than dark-colored clothes when choosing products for babies. And always wash new clothes before you wear them.

Little Magic Little Magic uses sustainable materials and processes when printing our apparel. All clothes are free of toxic and harmful chemicals.